“Kangaroo Route”

“Kangaroo Route”
This past weekend saw the first non-stop scheduled flight between the UK and Australia, trademarked by Qantas as the Kangaroo Route. When this route first kicked off, there were 10 major stopovers and 21 more refuelling stops, according to the BBC, with a cost of approximately 11,000 in todays terms, and taking about 12 days. By comparison, Qantas London-Perth flight is non-stop, can cost as little as 690, and takes 17 hours. Which to be honest, as a frequent traveller this isnt as bad as it sounds, once you do such long-hauls a few times…  
https://www.airspacemag.com/history-of-flight/longest-airline-route-in-the-world-180959770/   Whilst this post isnt specifically about the latest emerging technology, it serves to remind how technology enables the impossible to become possible, and even for once what was accepted as impossible to become banal. A great reminder of how spectacular powered flight is and the impact its had on our lives is the National Geographic documentary, Living in the Age of Airplanes:   The world continues to shrink, and the next steps will shrink it even further if were able to return to supersonic flight, or extend into orbital flight. Its a shame weve regressed in terms of speed, but I remain hopeful that well push the boundaries, and even be involved in doing so if Im lucky. HRM.
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