Breaking Off

Breaking Off

The April, 1957 edition of the Journal of Aviation Medicine reported on a study of pilots feeling physical separation from the earth while piloting an aircraft at high altitude, otherwise referred to as the break-off phenomenon. The Break-Off effect has since also been referred to in space flight and other studies, and various pilots have had a range of emotions from euphoria and omnipotence through to fear and loneliness.

Vol. 28, №2, April 1957, The Journal of Aviation Medicine


Despite the mixed emotions in reference to the break-off effect, we at Break Off Capital decided upon this reference when naming our firm in alignment with where the world currently stands in terms of technological development and where we have decided to focus our efforts. Namely, we are at an inflexion point where technology has the potential to enable the human species to take the next great leap enabled through developments in areas such as quantum computing, biotechnology, energy, propulsion, and advanced materials.

Naturally also we have taken the positive view with the break-off effect in terms of what it ultimately means; in summary our view:

The Break-Off phenomenon is a cognitive shift in awareness when viewing the Earth in space an out of (planetary) body experience. It is the recognition of understanding the fragility of life and the world seeing the Earth from orbit or the lunar surface, hanging in the void, without national boundaries; the need to preserve, protect, and ultimately advance, our pale blue dot becomes not only obvious, but imperative.


We established Break Off Capital to channel human & financial resources to the advancement of emerging technologies that are tackling some of the worlds biggest problems that will enhance todays quality of life and support the progress of future generations.

Ive had many people ask about what Im investing and involved in, and just about everyone has been very excited to hear all the areas. Im always amazed at how many high-profile people find the time to write their thoughts and decided I will endeavour to do the same to help our investees with some additional publicity and to raise awareness of the technologies, and ultimately the underlying causes that theyre addressing.

Ive tried writing musings before and its hard to maintain the consistency, but will endeavour to do so, even if its a couple of paragraphs with observations.

In the meantime you can find out what were currently involved in at www. breakoffcapital. com quantum computing, genomics, nano-materials, cellular agriculture, IV gen nuclear, robotics, and others.


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