Companies that Break Off has invested in and is closely working with to assist with their commercialisation.

1QBit explores new methods to tackle the most difficult computational problems, creating Quantum-Ready software to solve real-world challenges. Leveraging new methods of calculation made possible by harnessing the power of quantum mechanics, it is possible to solve problems faster and with models that better reflect complex phenomena. 

Perpetuus Advanced Materials (“Perpetuus”) is an advanced material manufacturer primarily focused on surface engineered carbon structures such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. Perpetuus has developed and is commercialising a process for producing industrial scale, cost effective, surface engineered Advanced Materials, commencing with graphene. 


Made of Genes was the first to provide a marketplace of applications based on an individual’s genome.  They offer an end-to-end solution for genome sequencing, storage, and analytical services for individuals, businesses (MoG or white-labelled), and researchers.  Coupled with this, they provide a marketplace platform for a range of DNA-based services for end consumers, including, preconception and prenatal, pharmacogenomics, prevention and wellness, and others. 



Finless Foods is an early-stage biotechnology company whose mission is to develop and mass manufacture pioneering marine animal food products for human consumption.  Their objective is to create seafood sustainably using scientific cellular agriculture technologies, which will provide a cost-effective and healthier appetising alternative to conventionally-caught and commercially-farmed seafood.


Gilmour Space Technologies is a new Australian rocket company with a subsidiary in Singapore that is developing low-cost launch vehicles for the small satellite/payload market. Considered one of the leading space start-ups in Australia and Singapore, Gilmour Space is scaling up to launch its first commercial rocket to low-earth orbit (“LEO”) in 2020.



Audacy is a space communications service provider enabling continuous satellite and launch vehicle connectivity from the launchpad to the Moon. Their ground-based services are now operational and their space-based data relay network will launch in 2021.

DermBiont is a dermatology company leveraging skin microbiome therapeutics to treat the root causes of various skin diseases. The company has a discovery platform based on a library of over 5,000 microbes isolated from human skin and one of the world’s largest data sets of Nextgen sequencing of the human microbiome across healthy and diseased skin. DermBiont’s discovery platform and capabilities grew out of the company’s tenure at the Illumina Accelerator in 2018.


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